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10th-12th Grade


Lesson Overview:

This project aims to have the students become more intimately acquainted with the scrapbook as a specific person's record of memory and experience. Students will be asked to put themselves in a first-person perspective with the materials and create several journal entries based on the scrapbook.


  • Engross students in a first-person perspective and relationship with the past
  • Engage with historical materials
  • Exercise creative writing skills


  • Computers/computer lab
  • Louise's scrapbook


One class period plus any at home research and work

Lesson Procedure:

  • Show students the Louise Lincoln scrapbook, have them interact and explore the resources and items in detail.
  • Have them investigate in particular how these items came together out of Louise's experiences. Discuss how each item records moments and events in her life that she chose to preserve. Notice how little of herself Louise actually incorporates. Her scrapbook is more of a record than a voice, a repository of records about places she went and things she did as opposed to a curated collection.
  • Assign students to write five pages comprising at least three separate journal entries from the perspective of Louise. Have them narrate through her eyes three journal entries based on the materials in the scrapbook.
  • Write a three page story using the scrapbook as a primary resource, pretending you're Louise. Write a few journal entries about things you do/have done.

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