Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I join Simmons ALA-SC?
    1. As long as you are a current Simmons SLIS student, you do not need to do anything to join ALA-SC! All SLIS students are automatically members, so there is nothing you need to do to become an “official member.”
  2. Who can attend ALA-SC events?
    1. Our events are for all Simmons SLIS students to attend! As all SLIS students are members, the events are for you and you are always welcome. Some events may have limits on tickets because of limited space, but the majority of events will be free and open to walk-ins.
  3. Who can apply/vote for student leader positions?
    1. The answer again is all current Simmons SLIS students! All nominating and voting in student leader elections is conducted through email by LISSA, and all students are able to nominate themselves for positions and to vote in elections. For more information on student leadership, check out LISSA’s blog.
  4. How do I join ALA as a student?
    1. ALA offers a great discount for current students to join both ALA, and their state’s library association! Follow this link for more information and the current price for joint membership.
  5. Can I be reimbursed for paying dues to ALA or other professional organizations?
    1. Yes! LISSA provides students with Professional Development Reimbursement each semester, which includes dues payments to ALA and other library organizations. For more information about Professional Development Reimbursements, please visit LISSA’s blog.
  6. Why should I become an official member of ALA?
    1. Joining ALA means you will be able to attend conferences, receive American Libraries magazine, and have access to other ALA resources. It also makes a great resume addition and networking opportunity!