Stay with a University of Washington iSchool Student during ALA Midwinter

Are you a current GSLIS student who is considering attending ALA Midwinter but you can’t shell out for a hotel? Well the University of Washing sALA (the student chapter of ALA) cordially invites current students to crash UW students in Seattle this January 25-29 during ALA Midwinter.

Here’s how it works: sALA asked MLIS students from the University of Washington iSchool to volunteer to host other library science students coming to Seattle for ALA Midwinter. They’ve filled out the Hosts page on the Google doc with information about their space and their contact info (more will sign up as they are reminded over the coming weeks). You are welcome to reach out to any of them to ask if you can stay with them. You should also put your information on the Guests page of the Google doc so that students can reach out to you if they feel like it’s a good match. Again, it’s all DIY: UW sALA will NOT be pairing you up. As the warnings say on the Google Doc, this is all based on the honor system, and we/sALA/the iSchool/UW are not responsible if anything goes wrong. However, if everything goes right (and it should!), you’ll make a new LIS friend in Washington, get to go to an awesome conference in a beautiful city, and get to see Seattle beyond the downtown hustle and bustle. We do ask that you bring a thank-you of some kind: a souvenir from home, something hand-crafted, or even just a thoughtful note. But most of all we hope that you might be willing to return the favor if ALA or another conference comes to your town in the future! (Here’s lookin’ at you, Dominican [ALA Annual 2013 and Midwinter 2015 in Chicago], Drexel [Midwinter 2014 in Philadelphia], UNT Nevada [ALA Annual 2014 in Las Vegas], and San Jose State [ALA Annual 2015 in SF].)

Sign up to be a guest here

View the host page here

Note: participation is limited to students who are enrolled in a master’s program in library/information science at the time of the conference and are officially registered for the conference by the time they arrive. Hosts may ask to see proof of either or both of these to make sure their guest isn’t a random person who just wants a free place to stay in Seattle.

Student Leadership Open House

The Student Leadership Open House will be taking place tonight from 5pm to 7pm in the Matarazzo Student Lounge. Current officers from all the student groups will be on hand in the lounge to answer any questions you might have and to encourage students to think about running for election in the spring term.

Specifically, ALA-SC will be seeking nominations for the position of Events Coordinator in the spring. If you think would like to run, or would like more information, please take a few minutes this evening to swing by and talk to us!