Blanche Castleman Link Digital Scrapbook
  • Simmons Building
  • Tremont Theater Program
  • A Mistake
  • Valentine Card
  • Blanche Halloween Namecard
  • Drawing of a Young Woman
  • Library War Service
  • Hippodrome Souvenir Book
  • Hollis St. Theatre
  • Globe-Wernicke Sectional Bookcases


Blanche Castleman Link’s scrapbook was digitized as part of the ongoing Notable Women of Simmons College Digital Project, which captures and makes accessible the lives of early Simmons College women. Blanche’s scrapbook provides a glimpse into both Simmons College history and important events of the early twentieth century through playbills, clippings, ephemera, and other memorabilia, and strives to afford users an unprecedented opportunity to experience life as a Simmons College student in the early 1900s.

Library Science & Women's Education

Lesson plans designed to teach students about library education and events in the early 20th century using Blanche's scrapbook.

The World of Blanche

Explore the cultural and historical contexts of Blanche’s scrapbook through an interactive timeline.

The Making of Digital Blanche

Meet the people and learn more about the process behind the creation of this digital scrapbook.