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A theater program for "As Thousands Cheer", a musical revue made up of satirical sketches about contemporary celebrities and events. Caption: A swell show. Some very good cracks!

A program for the play "Autumn Crocus" by Dodie Smith (as C. L. Anthony). The play was performed at the Hollis Street Theater, on March 12, 1934. Caption: I think I enjoyed this more than any play I've seen. It was so simple, and so beautifully…

A theater program for the Hollis Street Theatre's production of "Biography: A Comedy" starring Irene Purcell. The play is directed by George L. Fogle and written by S. N. Behrman. It premiered during the week beginning Monday, April 30, 1934.…

"Androcles and the Lion" program from April 28, 1934 presented by members of the Simmons College Faculty. Caption: This was a howl. Mr. Hilliard should have been the monkey I still think - tho of course there wasn't one in the play.

A program for the Annual Show of the Faneuil Hall Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor, "Presenting Polly". A friend of Betty's played the title character. Caption: A little play in which Janet was the heroine. Very well done!

A theater program from the Park Theatre. The show was burlesque. Caption: Billy Minsky's famous burlesque - Oh, yeah!

Program from the play "Camille" produced by Boylston Theatre Company and shown at the Colonial Theatre

A program issued for the theatrical production of Richard of Bordeaux in January 1934.

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A newspaper clipping describing the forthcoming Simmons Senior-Freshman Theatre Party with the students' Senior Sisters. Caption: Much excitement! I'm afraid my senior sister will not be able to go. Most of them seem to be backing out. Caption: This…