Teacher Guides


Interested in promoting critical thinking? Looking for a way to meet state and national curriculum standards and prepare your students for state-wide assessments? Our goal is to help you use the Alice Morris Walker Scrapbook to do both.
The term “guide” is used deliberately. Rather than offering complete lesson plans, this section of the website presents general guidance for using the scrapbook's items and exhibits to promote 21st century skills and complex historical thinking. The first guide, Simmons College Traditions, focuses on the skills of finding, analyzing, and using primary source material. The second guide, The Changing Role of Women, emphasizes content knowledge about what the Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework describes as “the battle between traditionalism and modernity” during the Age of Reform, 1900-1940.
Each guide consists of:

1. An overview

2. A list of appropriate standards

3. Suggested activities

4. Links to relevant scrapbook items and exhibits.

The target audience for suggested activities includes high school and college students of American History and Women’s Studies. The standards for the guide were selected from the Organization of American History’s (OAH) National History Standards (1995), both Part I, Standards in Historical Thinking and Part II, United States History Standards for Grade 5-12, and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills’ Twenty-First Century Student Outcomes (2004). The pedagogy and materials used in the suggested activities draw heavily from the Library of Congress’s “Using Primary Sources” page, available at http://www.loc.gov/teachers/usingprimarysources/.