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Sample Course Configurations

Here are the Sample Course Configurations that Dr. Zilonis revised due to the change in required credits for the program: Revised Sample Course Configurations


School Library Teacher Program Handbook 2014 - 2015



When word processing these forms, please use your curser to click on the field you are updating rather than pressing the tab button to jump to the next field.

LIS 406 Description
LIS 406A
LIS 406B

LIS 407 Description
LIS 407

LIS 481 and 483 Descriptions
LIS 481
LIS 483

Practicum Materials

Practicum Application
Practicum Application for Private School (Or Out-of-State Placement)
Practicum PowerPoint - This is the PowerPoint presentation we showed you during the Practicum Meeting. Feel free to download it and review the information.
Projected work calendar
Completed work calendar
Four supervisory visits
Checklist to be completed by students
SLIS Pre-service Performance Assessment for Practicum Students (PPA)
Preservice Performance Assessment (fillable PDF)
Preservice Performance Assessment (in Word) - Some students have had problems in the past getting the fillable PDF form to work, so here is the same form as a Word document. It is not a fillable document, so this one will need to be fiddled around with (formatting, etc) when you word-process it. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Lesson Plan Documents
Practicum Lesson Plan Template
Practicum Unit Plan Template
Project Proposal Form

Portfolio Templates/Needs/etc
Portfolio Notebook Needs - pages 76-78 in the teal SLTP Handbook
Log template
Tabs for practicum notebook
List of Standards

Documents for Brookline School System Only

The Brookline school system has two forms specific to their disctrict. If you are completing your practicum at a school in Brookline, please be sure to fill out these additional forms.
Brookline CORI Form
Brookline Student Teacher Application

Important Documents

List of Teachers for Observation by Town
Guide for the Development of the Log for Licensure
About ELAR
Course Waiver
Transfer of Credit Waiver

Useful School Library Handouts

School Libraries Work!
Why Care About School Libraries?

Helpful Websites

Helpful Websites

Career Guide

Career and Portfolio Websites
Career Panel 2009
Career Panel 2010
On The Job Summary
Sample Cover Letter - Elementary
Sample Cover Letter - Secondary
Sample Resume
Resume Checklist



For College Supervisors

Checklist to be completed by college supervisor
Evaluation of lesson plans form
Evaluation of major and minor projects form
Evaluation of summary report and additional materials
Guidelines for grading
Major project rubric
Minor project rubric
Professional standards for teachers rubric
Subject matter knowledge rubric
Summary report rubric
Teaching evaluation rubric