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Report card for Daisie Miller Handwritten card with notes Note from the dean’s office Playbill for Hollis St. Theatre production Newspaper clipping of “Education of Women Urged” Small card

Loose Items

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Handwritten card with notes

This is a small card listing the names of several women. It also says “At home to meet Miss Donnelly / Wednesday January 19th / South Hall…

Report card for Daisie L. Miller

This is a report card or “scholarship record” for Daisie Miller’s classwork in the term ending Feb. 4 1910. She passed everything.

Note from the dean’s office

This is a note from the Office of the Dean of Simmons College to Daisie Miller requesting her presence. The meeting had apparently been postponed from…

Playbill for Hollis St. Theatre production

This is a playbill for a production of “What Every Woman Knows” starring Maude Adams at the Hollis St. Theatre during the week of January 31,…

Newspaper clipping entitled “Education of Women Urged”

Newspaper clipping of an article entitled “Education of Women Urged” in which Dean Arnold of Simmons College discusses life’s problems.

Miss Colburn's visiting card

This is a visiting card with the name “Miss Colburn” printed on it and a handwritten note about a meeting on January 9, 1907.