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Program for the Christmas Vespers concert, December 17, 1933 at 3:30pm. Concert by the Simmons College Musical Director David Blair McClosky. The concert included performances by the Simmons Orchestra, Simmons College Glee Club and carol singing by…

Program from Joint Concert by the Simmons College Glee Club and the Tufts Musical Clubs. The front cover contains the signatures of: George E Hodgson, Keri Mac Killop, Bill Learoyd, Donald Marc Sallop, Myron Avenil, Dante Del Carupo. Caption: This…

A program from a performance by the State Symphony Orchestra shown at the Museum of Fine Arts

A concert program for a production of Arthur Honegger's symphonic psalm King David. The performance, directed by Yves Chardon, featured musicians from the Longy School of Music and the Bach Cantata Club.

Subjects: Concerts Singing
Program for musical performance by the students of Jean Stanley Goodrich. Caption: Didn't take as long as you'd expect from the program.

Type: Programs
Glee Club Concert program. Caption: The concert was pretty good, except for the last number, which was an absolute flop. I think we were a good deal better than Tech!

Type: Clippings
Newspaper announcement about March Glee Club performances at Jordan Hall. Headline Transcription: Glee Club schedule with tech and N.U.-Two Joint Concerts Billed at Jordan Hall in March.

Type: Tickets
Theatre ticket stub from an afternoon performance attended at Symphony Hall on November 5. Caption: Kriesler Concert. Sat in second row of orchestra.

Type: Programs
Program from First Unitarian Society in West Newton, Massachusetts from October 1933. Caption: Went to Aunt Laura's for the weekend. Went here to church.

Type: Programs
Program for Plymouth Theatre "Double Door" Play. Includes advertisement for Rogers Peet Company.