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Program from Joint Concert by the Simmons College Glee Club and the Tufts Musical Clubs. The front cover contains the signatures of: George E Hodgson, Keri Mac Killop, Bill Learoyd, Donald Marc Sallop, Myron Avenil, Dante Del Carupo. Caption: This…

A program from a performance by the State Symphony Orchestra shown at the Museum of Fine Arts

A concert program for a production of Arthur Honegger's symphonic psalm King David. The performance, directed by Yves Chardon, featured musicians from the Longy School of Music and the Bach Cantata Club.

Subjects: Concerts Singing
Program for musical performance by the students of Jean Stanley Goodrich. Caption: Didn't take as long as you'd expect from the program.

Program for the Christmas Vespers concert, December 17, 1933 at 3:30pm. Concert by the Simmons College Musical Director David Blair McClosky. The concert included performances by the Simmons Orchestra, Simmons College Glee Club and carol singing by…

Type: Programs
Glee Club Concert program. Caption: The concert was pretty good, except for the last number, which was an absolute flop. I think we were a good deal better than Tech!

Type: Clippings
Newspaper announcement about March Glee Club performances at Jordan Hall. Headline Transcription: Glee Club schedule with tech and N.U.-Two Joint Concerts Billed at Jordan Hall in March.

Type: Tickets
Theatre ticket stub from an afternoon performance attended at Symphony Hall on November 5. Caption: Kriesler Concert. Sat in second row of orchestra.

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Front page of the Boston Opera House's program for S. Hurok presents Col. De Basil's Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo production. Caption: This was wonder of course. The only flaw was three old ladies who sat in back of us and talked steadily the whole…

Type: Programs
Tremont Theatre program for production of "The Yellow Jacket" starring Mr. and Mrs. Coburn. Caption: This was very good although one of the queerest plays I've ever seen. It was acted in the manner of the Chinese stage, and the scenery was left to…